Wednesday, June 14, 2017

pseudo poetry #2

We were really good together.
You were my anchor and my lighthouse.
You held me and showed me ways I’d never found without you.
But at some point I wanted to be free. At some point I wanted to find own ways.
We were really good together.

And now we’re even better, because we were.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday tip | Apartment 23

If I had time to worry about every person who
admired, imitated, or stalked me, I wouldn’t
have time to be my fabulous self.
chloe | apartment 23

The time I’ve spend on watching series on Netflix is virtually zero. And when I say watch, I mean really watch them, not giving up after the first episode, drop off while the second, recognize after the fifth, that you haven’t really looked at the screen – I guess you know what I mean. Having time for binge watching is real luxury.
For everybody who has as much time as me and loves funny series with extravagant characters, gags full of sarcasm and irony, which always have a haughty undercurrent, I absolutey recommend Apartment 23. One is able to watch it while you manage seven hundred things without having the impression that you miss something. Also really good if someone got the same time problem: One episode lasts about twenty minutes.

It’s about…
June Colburn, a typical small town girl coming to New York City with a college degree, high expectations and big dreams, to start her dream job with pulled up sleeves and move in her dream apartment. And even if everything seems to be sewn up, one things leads to another and at the end of her first day June finds herself in the middle of New York City without a job or an apartment. And that’s the way leading June to Apartment 23 with party girl Chloe, who wants to get rid of June as soon as possible – of course without reclaiming the in advance paid rent. To get what she wants she knows no taboos, including sex with June’s fiancé. And that’s the beginning of a crazy friendship.

Apartment 23 is great…
because of Krysten Ritter. I got a crush on her in Gilmore Girls and her role as Chloe reinforces this enthusiasm. The character is simply ingenious, I love the jokes, although I asked myself from time to time, if they are still okay. But yes, they are. And the contrast between cheeky Chloe who’s giving a shit on the opinions of other people and polite, nice, ambitious June who hates to scandalize gives enough subject to fill another season with jokes. Adding James van der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) as himself so to say and so he’s an arrogant smoothy – great.

So if you’re looking for a funny series for besides in the style of 2 Broke Girls and New Girl: You’ll find it in Apartment 23


Sunday, June 11, 2017

world in rose

Have you ever looked somebody deeply in the eye and asked yourself, how one single moment can be this perfect? Not the romantic kind of perfect, more like this overwhelming feeling of having a crush on life. When a moment is so great you can’t believe it’s real. And actually you reckon casting up your eyes staring at the same white ceiling like every day, waking up and recognizing this moment was a dream. I close my eyes and breathe, wait, but I apprehend, you will be gone and I open them again and my world is still coloured in rose.

Time stands still and flies, but is always great, you are here. Really here.

You ask me what I’m thinking about. “It’s not possible you really exist’, I whisper in your shoulder. This moment feels so incredibly silent, although my heart throbs painfully loud and the bass of the music from the room next door is absolutely hearable. You are film moments, kind of this ones, you always see and think, some hopeless idiot of romantic invented trusting that somebody will take out a leaf of it and treat him this way. With you, it simply happens without trying, my world turns rose, and I know, would I be able to look you in the eyes and think clearly, my first way would lead me to the toilet to vomit.

You and I, this we seems somehow really special to me.

But I like this rose, I don’t just like it, it somehow became something like my favourite colour and sometimes I want, that this world never shows up without this kitsch filter. Everything looks so beautiful with it, a little bit enchanted, dreamy, without being naïve. I want a film made of our moments, without sound, without background, only we in this world toned in cotton colours. Maybe I should be afraid, run away, take to my heels and up and away, but I’m not afraid anymore, I keep my feet on the ground, up there shortly before cloud seven.

You feel like home.

And here with you, I’m home, I’m feeling free and I have to smile, without any reason, my eyes closed and my face to the sky. And I’m giving it a thought if it’s not totally overstated. If it’s not because my world is so rosy these days. But somehow …no, it simply is. With you I can always be myself, without having this feeling of having to be like. When I look for your hand you take mine. When you look for my hand I take yours. When our hands don’t look for each other, they don’t. And it doesn’t matter, because in any case it feels right.

And with you, there’s nothing to be arranged to fit.

I’m in. Putting our sunglasses on, turning on loud music and conquer the world. At least the rose one.

We can get married tonight if you really wanna
Me in a cheap suit like a sleazy lawyer
And if you break this lil' heart, it'd be an honor
troye sivan | for him

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

pseudo poetry #1

Morocco, February 2017

And sometimes I don’t know exactly,
where I want to go, I get lost,
float a little bit around between warm
summer wind and water around my ankles.
And probably that’s okay.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday tip | Eleanor & Park

It is about…
Eleanor and Park. Park and Eleanor are two teenagers in the Eighties attending the High School of an American suburb and experiencing one of the most beautiful things life keeps on hand: the first big love. The first crush, with butterflies in one's tummy, feeling safe in being insecure and losing yourself in another person. Find a place in someone else that feels more like home than home.

Eleanor was right. She never looked nice.
She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice;
it was supposed to make you feel something.

This book reminds…
me of the time when butterflies had moved in my tummy for the first time, and I had no idea, what their fluttering means. Losing myself in eyes, moments which feel like the wing beat of a bee hummingbird and eternity at the same time. And a little bit melancholy comes up in me, because Rainbow Rowell reminds me of so many great moments this age keeps on hand.

Eleanor and Park are each for itself great construced characters and I immediately shared feelings with them. Everybody knows an Eleanor, everybody knows someone who is like Park. And sometimes they remind me of myself. Rainbow Rowell created a mesmerizing couple. But not only the protagonists are well-made, every appearing person has its story, its validity and stick in memory, also because they are stereotypes, but this kind of stereotype everybody of us knows.

I also like the choice of time and place, the contrast between a nascent love and the America of the Eighties with all its problems – which matter at the edge – underlines the plot in a very unique way.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m newly in love or because this book was my holiday reading: I’m honestly hooked. There’s nothing about Eleanor & Park I don’t like, I love it from the setup of the story to the writing style and the cover. I hardly ever read such a lovely, honest and simple love story and had so much joy with it. Blow botox, if I want to feel young again I just read this book. I find myself in this story, so much of my 15-year-old-me. Eleanor & Park is not only a book about falling in love, it’s also a book to fall in love with.